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Asian Games 2014 : MC Mary Kom won First Gold Medal

Asian Games 2014 : MC Mary Kom won First Gold Medal

MC Mary Kom became first Indian women boxer to win a gold medal at Asian Games. Mother of three clinched the gold medal in the women's flyweight (48-51kg) boxing competition.

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How to get Traffic through Social Media Accounts

This is a Guest Post by : Kiara

Getting traffic with social media is difficult because it is better used for improving brand awareness and improving your online reputation. But, if you do want to use social media to get more traffic then here is a quick rundown of how you may do it. Consider this to be a starting point for your social media campaign. You must work on each point mentioned in this article and use trial and error to see what works and what doesn’t.

How to get Traffic through Social Media Accounts
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Make use of influencers on Twitter

You can post things on Twitter yourself and you may pull a bit of traffic from it, but the best place to get traffic from Twitter is from influencers. You will probably have to pay them, but the idea is that they tell their follower to go to your website and they will. There are influencers all over the Internet, but the ones on Twitter seem to be more abundant and more powerful for some reason.

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Make use of influencers on YouTube

There are not as many influencers on YouTube because it takes a lot of high quality posts that are consistently good in order to get people hooked on a channel. Even with a subscription to a channel a person may not be likely to ever return again, but even with that said, there are still people that are influencers on YouTube. These are the people you need to get in touch with to have them promote your website in some way so that people visit your site.

Make use of people with lots of friends on Facebook

You can make use of influencers on Facebook but they do not tend to have the power to get people off of Facebook and on to your website. Your best bet is to ask a person with lots of friends to post a promotional post on their Facebook timeline. Do not pay them much unless you have used them a few times already and gained some traffic from them. Ask people if they will post your post on their timeline and then tell those people the positive side to your posting. The only positive side may be that you are going to pay them, but if you are creative you may be able to find cheaper ways to motivate them.

Make your own boards on Pinterest

It is good to have other people post about you, and by all means, if you can get people to post about you, then that is a good thing, but putting boards up by yourself is clever too. It is a way of getting your brand and your website on the Pinterest website. Once you have some good boards and pins you can start bugging people to start posting things on their profiles about your website and such, but at least start up with a presence on the social media site.

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Use sites that popularize Infographics because you can use them repeatedly

There are websites that act as Infographic directories. You can put in your Infographic and people will search for it and look at it. The good thing about Infographics is that you can use them repeatedly without any negative search engine consequences. You can use them in your social media profiles, in your guest blogs, on article websites and much more. You can use it again and again without getting penalized by Google.

Have your own Google+ and Facebook fan pages

This is a bit of a given if you have ever thought of starting a social media campaign. This is the first thing you do; you start up a page on Facebook and on Google+. They allow you to have pages that you dedicate to something, and in this case you enter your website because that is what your fan page is all about.

Do not over promote on your social media profiles

This is a silly mistake that is made by people that should know better. If you over promote then people will simply stop paying attention. People do not like being advertised to and so will react badly if you keep trying to push your products or services on them. Give them something useful within your social media posts and they will keep coming. That is when you slip in a marketing post or two.

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Post about things that interest your target audience only

You do not have to worry about pleasing all the people all the time because you are not going to. Your best bet is to keep trying to make your target audience happy because they are the ones that are going to go on your website and they are the ones that are going to buy your goods and services. You cannot make every visitor happy, so do not, you should scare off people that are not your target audience because they are no use to you and are just sucking down your bandwidth without any benefit to you.

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Battlefield 4 UPDATE is now AVAILABLE

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Battlefield 4 UPDATE is now AVAILABLE!

Battlefield's latest update which will add some tweaks and changes to the military shooter, has been rolled out today.

This update includes :

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  • Standard Improvements
  • Tweaks like weapon balancing
  • Various bug fixes
  • Bigger Changes "netcode" improved (Fewer instances of unfair kills)

Updates available in PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4

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What Kind of Design Can Be the Most Appropriate for Educational Site?

This is a Guest Post by : Cindy Bates

What is appropriate for your web design is highly dependant on the type of learner you intend to attract. Plus, if you are building a distance-learning website, then it is going to look and function differently to a website built to attract people to a college, University or institution. A website for a stripper school is going to have a wildly different design to that of a classy British University. Here are a few designs that may be appropriate for certain types profile educational sites.

What Kind of Design Can Be the Most Appropriate for Educational Site?

A highly visual design

There are some people that respond to a highly visual design. The only time you should avoid it is when your subject matter is of a serious nature. People do not really expect a very visual design on a website promoting learning law or programming. But, you will be surprised at just how many subjects and courses will suit a highly visual design. Even a website promoting a geology course can benefit from being highly visual in design.

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A simple and minimalist design

This is more common than you may be aware. There are quite a few websites that promote online-learning services that are very simple and minimalist in design. This may be because the trend for highly compacted and condensed websites has passed, and may also be because it is easier to create a minimalist and simple website.

A very easy to navigate design

This is an essential part of your design that you should work on to make sure it is perfect before launching your website. The people that visit should be able to find their way around your website very easily. They should be able to find the page they want within three clicks. If your website is very easy to navigate, then your web design is on the right track.

A funnel design

This type of design will filter people from a larger section of starter web pages to a smaller and smaller cross-section of pages. The idea is to get people to move from landing pages to the same pages. To get people from one set of pages to another where the more they navigate then the closer they get to your target pages. A funnel design can be useful if you are selling certain services and you want your consumer to get to the selling pages. It may also work if you are trying to convince people to attend your institution and want them to see certain pages with your strongest selling points on them.

A funnel design is more about how you move your traffic from one page to another, which means the content has just as much of a role as the web design itself. This type of design is one of the most difficult to do well.

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A flat design is sometimes appropriate

It is certainly not always appropriate, but if you are selling a service that is slightly more modern, then a flat design may work for you. A simple website may also work if you are looking to sell simple services. It takes a skill to figure out if a flat design is needed, but it is an option for you to consider.

A very conservative design

This is very, very common when it comes to promoting or advertising a college or University. They often take a very conservative design and tweak it to suit their establishment. You may find that a lot of college and University websites look similar to each other. It is because the conservative design has certain tell tale signs. It is almost as if the colleges and Universities have looked at each other’s websites and copied them ever so slightly. Of all the designs that are suitable for an institution or online service provider, it has to be said that a conservative design is often the best.

A very esoteric design

It is a little bit of a risk if you create an esoteric design because you risk scaring away new customers/attendees and people without any experience of your discipline or subject area. On the other hand, it will please people that do have an interest in your discipline or subject area. For example, you could have a website that sells chemistry lessons, and the lessons may be arranged as per chemical symbols as seen on the periodic table. This is going to scare away people that have little experience with the periodic table, but is going to please people that are interested with and experienced in your discipline or subject area.

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Cindy Bates
She is the freelance writer at She also works with college students to improve their writing skills before exams.
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How to Hack Social Accounts Over WiFi Using Your Android Phone {Ultimate Guide}

Note : This tutorial is for educational purpose only!

So here is a method by P0pz (A user from, by which you can easily hack someone's social account over WiFi. So lets get started

Attention : Device Should be Rooted

How to Hack Social Accounts Over WiFi Using Your Android Phone {Ultimate Guide}

In this tutorial we will use DroidSheep App (Root Required), So basically what is DroidSheep ?

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So here is a video that will explain you every thing about DroidSheep (Similar to FireSheep) :

For more :

Steps : 

1) Download DroidSheep on your android phone (Link :
2) Watch this video and learn :

3) Happy Hacking!!

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iPhone 6 Globally Rolls Out

After the release of the latest update (iOS 8) to users, Apple Inc. has rolled out the iPhone 6 in 22 countries. Apple had received only 9 complaints about bent iPhone 6 Plus device. The company also had to respond to a social-media firestorm over claims that the large-screen iPhone was susceptible to bending if sat upon.

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iPhone 6 Globally Rolls Out

According to Francis Sideco (analyst at IHS) : “Apple customers are probably some of the most demanding consumers in the world

Apple released on 25 September with its recent fix (iOS 8.0.2) for its operating system which include in the new iPhone.

It is introduce to a second wave market include some of the major markets like Unites Arab Emirates,Russia,Saudi Arabia.

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According to Arcelona shop, the Cupertino, California-based company : More than 600 people lined up outside of Amsterdam’s Apple Store, with 400 customers at the Barcelona shop,

Countries like Belgium,Denmark,Finland,Austria,Norway and others were listed in the current rollout. iPhone will be available in 115 more countries by the end of the year

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How to get Real IP of (CloudFlare) Protected Website/Forum

Note : This is for educational purpose only.

A very short and easy guide that will help you allot, So lets get started.

Need Real IP Address of CloudFlare Protected Website? {Learn How}

Steps :

1) Go to the website/forum of which you need the IP address

2) Register on that website, Then you will get a verification mail

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In this we will use : as an example

3) Now open your verification mail > And select "Show Original"

Need Real IP Address of CloudFlare Protected Website? {Learn How}

4) Now Search for the term "Received : from"

Need Real IP Address of CloudFlare Protected Website? {Learn How}

5) Wolla! You can see the "REAL" IP Address!
6) Have Fun!!

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jQuery Official Website Compromised To Serve Malware

The official website of the popular cross-platform JavaScript library jQuery ( has been compromised and redirecting its visitors to a third-party website hosting the RIG exploit kit, in order to distribute information-stealing malware.

jQuery Official Website Compromised To Serve Malware

JQuery is a free and open source JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML. It is used to build AJAX applications and other dynamic content easily. The popular JavaScript library is used by 30 percent of websites, including 70 percent of the top 10,000 most visited websites.

So, the users who visited the website on September 18th may have infected their system with data-stealing malware by redirecting users to the website hosting RIG. Pleger urged those who visited the site during the alleged attack to re-image their systems, reset passwords for user accounts that have been used on the systems, and also look for any suspicious activity if originated from the offending system or not.
Cyber criminals discovered a loophole in the jQuery website’s web properties, backend systems, or other critical infrastructure and injected malicious JavaScript that redirects victims.

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The RIG exploit kit is often used to deliver banking Trojans and other information-stealing malware. The researcher said he detected malware on compromised machines that steals credentials and other data.
RiskIQ researchers have immediately notified the jQuery Foundation about the issue. But in response, jQuery Foundation said that their internal investigation into the servers and logs didn't find the RIG exploit kit or evidence that there was a compromise.

The Rig Exploit Kit was first spotted in April this year, which checks for an un-patched version of Flash, Internet Explorer, Java or the Silverlight multimedia program on the infected users and if found, the system is instantly exploited by the bad actors. It was also used to distribute Cryptowall Ransomware back in June.

Source : Mohit Kumar []

The "Third" Massive Photo(s) Leaked!! : The Fappening

More nude photos were leaked and published online, It was the third massive photo leak!!

A Third Massive Photo Leak!! : The Fappening

Victims : 

  • Cara Delevingne
  • Misty May Treanor
  • Carly Foulkes
  • Brook Burns

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According to the source Mena Suvari, Alexandra Chando, Lauren O'Neil, Kelli Garner and Briana Evigan were also named as victims by the website.

Full Article :

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Review : Printers are becoming affordable and necessary too!!

This GUEST POST is submitted by Hunky.

Printers are becoming affordable and necessary also. With every passing day, we are becoming more depended on online and internet for every possible activity and need for taking prints are ever increasing.

For many years I was depended on the nearby cyber café for the prints for office and home usage started to give me a feel that I would be needing a home printer.

Choice of Printer

Before I went ahead with my search, I calculated how many prints I actually do a month. And found that I am printing around 100 to 150 pages at max.

20/30 pages a month made sense to that trip to cyber café for prints but anything above and regular prints justified the reason for me to look for a printer.

I mostly take print with A4 at max and at a time I would not print more than 20 pages continually. I am having 3 Laptops and 2 PCs in my home (family use all).

Desktjet / Injet / LeserJET !!!

First hurdle for looking for a printer was to decide as what do I need ?

The café printer is a LaserJET. I have seen and used HP, Canon and Samsung there, but mostly I see cafes here are using HP over Canon and Samsung. Quality of prints in any LaserJET is really crisp and details are really clear. But they are mostly Black and White.

The main advantage of LeserJet is the speed and their monthly duty cycle. If you are wondering, what is the monthly duty cycle, it means as per company, how many prints on average you can take out of the printer. More prints, means faster wear and tear of the printer head. I am not expert, but if you search, you may find, printers usually lose their quality because of head getting worn out.
As like everyone, I too went into online shopping sites like FlipKart, SnapDeal and Amazon to start my search and get an idea about the prices. With their user review and prices, I narrowed down my choices into the following,

Ricoh SP 100

The cheapest printer one can get. Its in price range of DeskJet printers and with online offers, it can be users at as low as Rs. 2500/-

Price :- Rs. 3300/- (Regular)
Connectivity :- USB
Monthly Duty Cycle and Tray Capacity :- 10k and 50 pages
Cartage / Toner :- 2000 pages per refill @ Rs. 700/-. New tonner is Rs. 2500, which may give you 3500 prints. (A4 text)

Ricoh is not a known brand to be, yes they do have many other options with attractive price tag, but doubting their brand value and service points, I didn’t choose anything else from them.

HP 1020

This one is highly recommended by many. I have seen it in action in local cafes where they print like 24x7 and it does it without any Fuss. It is fast and accurate but then again quality comes at a price.

          Price :- Rs. 7500/-
          Connectivity :- USB
          Duty Cycle & Tray Capacity :- 5k and 100 pages
Cartage / Toner :- Rs. 500 to 800 per refill. New one @ Rs. 2500/-. Good for 3000 to 4000 prints on A4

Now there are few problems that I was facing with these choices,

·         Laser printers are really power hungry, 250W minimum !!
·         Tonner and Cartiges are extremely pricy for home usage since they are meant for bulk prints !!
·         Since I am having more than 1 computer, so connectivity with just USB is a problem as I need a network for optimum performance.
·         No colour prints. Yes I do need colour for those exam admit card prints and school projects !!!

Increasing the budget want an option so I started looking again for InkJet or DeskJet printers. Now they opened up a wide range of possibility with the budget of Rs. 5000/-, now I can get a good printer with functionality like Multi-function (Scan / Copy / Print) along with Network (that too Wireless).

Problem with DeskJet or Inkjet is the price of their cartigaes. For example, you may get a printer within Rs. 2000/- but their cartage would cost you Rs. 1200/- or even more and print would be like 200 (B/W), 50 to 60 (colour).

While looking into specs and user review, I found HP Ink Advantage 2545 model. Which uses Cartage No. HP 678. These cartiages are Rs. 400 each and claimed to deliver 400 pages with new cartage. Printer had WireLess / Scanner and just 10W or power consumption but misses out on Duplex printing. For my need of 150 pages a month, it seemed perfect with additional ability to copy (XROX) and scan !!

HP 2545 (Long term) Review

Review : Printers are becoming affordable and necessary too!! 
·         Two cartigaes, one black ink and another for color
·         HP 678 costs Rs. 400/- each.
·         Promised pages on black text only (std) 480 pages

·         1200 Dpi print and 2400 Dpi scans
·         Wireless networking and USB connection
·         1000 monthly duty cycle
·         10W power consumption

Review : Printers are becoming affordable and necessary too!!When compared to other products from Canon or Samsung, this one, for printing cost point a view seemed to be having half the cost in cartage price and more than double the number of print. It seems be to having the cheapest printing costs.


Its pretty straight and simple process. The printer supports wide range of OS but my computers only had 2 type of OS. Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. All running the Windows x64 version.

The box comes with power cord, 2 cartiages, setup CD and USB cable.

For the first time, you would need to connect the printer with a laptop or desktop using the USB for set up. Its very simple, as the wizard would ask you whether you want to keep it local or put it on your wifi network.

Note, the printer supports both AdHock connection and Wifi network joining.
In my case I was having a TP-Link WiFi router hence I selected that from available list of network in the software.

Once done, other PCs or even Android phones in network could see and access the printer but all needed to install the HP printer software. Which you can do via CD or get it from HP website (updated software weights 120MB).

Using it on Windows 8.1 is fun since my PCs running Windows 8.1 automatically installed the printer and it has HP apps from Windows Store.

Review : Printers are becoming affordable and necessary too!!

Once setup is done, you can access the printer details and configuration from the installed software or from web based GUI. Which you can access via the printer IP Address in your browser.

Review : Printers are becoming affordable and necessary too!!

Review : Printers are becoming affordable and necessary too!!

Usage Report

I have been using this printer for last couple of months and here are my observation,


·         It has three quality settings, Best / Normal / Draft. There is no difference between Normal and Best in my eyes, but speed is slow in these two compared to Draft.
·         Best and Normal printed text document had really very thin difference when compared to prints from HP 1020.
·         Draft mode is what I always use, yes there is little differtence between LaserJet printed document and here in draft but draft offers supper fast print. Although I said difference, but you can only spot that when compared with magniflying glass !!
·         I have so far printed more than 300 pages and what I can see is B/W cartage is in need can print more than 450 pages. Which makes the printing cost almost 1/4 or even 1/5 compare to canon or others.
·         Not just printer but scanner also works in Wireless network. Supports output in JPEG or PDF as per your need.
·         Colour quality is decent in plain paper but excellent when done in best mode using photo quality paper.
·         Wireless radio is excellent, since reception is really good from any part of my two storied house. So any one from anywhere in my house, who are connected to my home Wirelss can print or scan.
·         You can copy (XROX) without the help of any PC. Works as standalone copier !!
·         Printer is covered under 1 year on site warranty, which you can increase upto 2 more years with their carepack.
·         Comes with backlit touch button and LCD (monocrom) screen

Review : Printers are becoming affordable and necessary too!!


·         Colour cartiage wont last more than 50 at max 70 pages, 30 if doing photo printing !!
·         Scanner quality is average. Don’t plan on doing profesional work using this scanner.
·         White colour so tends to catch dirty and finure prints, if you are not careful !!
·         Built quality feels a little cheap, as plastic quality is really thin in output tray or input tray so handle with care..
·         HP Phone support is worthless. However emailing works very well.
·         Comes with 1 year warranty with option increase 2 more years but spending Rs. 3000 two years of extra warranty on a Rs. 4000 product doesn’t make sense.
·         No autometic Duplex printing but indeed you can manually turn the page and insert it for both side printing.


At Rs. 4000/- it seems it’s the best deal available considering the quality of print and printing cost offered. What I can calculate is that Rs. 1.50/- is what it takes me to print from this printer including the paper cost. On top, I am getting a scanner and Wireless printing ability with Rs. 400 for each cartiages.. 

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