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Diandra Soares is pregnant with Gautam Gulati's child (Reaction)

As the rumors of Diandra Soares’ unwanted pregnancy created a frenzy like no other, ex Bigg Boss contestant Kashmira Shah spoke exclusively to about the whole controversy. The dusky hottie maintained that if the pregnancy news is true, then Gautam Gulati too should be thrown out of the Bigg Boss 8 house. She further stated that it is not Diandra’s fault alone and she should not suffer. Take a look what Karishma had to opine about the whole saga.

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Turn Your Smartphone Into Polaroid Camera

Prynt is a small case (printer) that can turn your smartphone into a polaroid camera. Prynt CEO Clément Perrot says that this case will be available next year and will cost only $99 via Kickstarter (

Turn Your Smartphone Into Polaroid Camera

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Prynt support flagship phones with ~4.x-inch screens. It can take about 30 seconds from photo to printed paper and can only hold 30 piece of paper at a time (For consumer version).

Official Website :

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How you can improve your copywriting – and why you should

This is a Guest Post by JonJon Yeung

It’s not always an easy relationship, but when copywriting and web design work well together, the results can be breathtaking. How do we achieve that?

How you can improve your copywriting – and why you should

Once upon a time, back at the dawn of the online world, various prophets of doom looked at all the funny cat pictures, cute baby videos and rotating rainbow unicorns, and earnestly proclaimed that the internet would kill ‘proper’ reading and writing.

They couldn’t have been more wrong.

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The online world, as it turned out, is mostly made of words. From pithy tweets to carefully-worded emails, and from succinct Facebook updates to expansive blog posts (yes, like this one; sorry…) good writing has never been more valuable.

Writing online is something we all do. But it’s a tricky and important skill. Everybody knows a heavy-footed ninny who can cause havoc with a single badly-worded, tactless email. Then there’s the rambling, droning bores who think 12,000 words on their pet subject is something other people would find utterly fascinating, particularly when they bury the vital point 23 paragraphs down.

There are many billions of words online, so cutting through the clutter is crucial. How do you do that? Good writing.

We don’t need no edukashun
Your education may not have been much use in teaching you modern writing skills. When your English teacher threw you a brick-sized volume of Dickens, you probably flinched and flicked aimlessly through it (later on, you may have been lucky enough to realise that Dickens was actually a pretty damn good writer, if dated, but it’s a bit late for that now). Hammering out a series of essays in the educationally approved ploddy, worthy style won’t have done much to sharpen your real world wordsmith’s skills either.

But when somebody asks you to bash out a lengthy bit of writing, whether it’s a product description or a press release, a project brief or a blog post, you’ll soon realize that copywriting is a real skill and one that would come in very useful on a regular basis.

How you can improve your copywriting – and why you should

Reading and writing
The first thing to do if you want to write is read. Read everything you can, but don’t just skim and forget; think about its tone and its structure. When you read something particularly good, take a close look. Like watching a magician’s trick, think to yourself ‘exactly how did they do that?’ Try to get under the bonnet of really skilled writing to inspect the component parts and how they all fit together.

Writing is, after all, only a matter of putting a limited number of words in a specific order. According to a 2014 Global Language Monitor estimate, English currently has 1,025,109.8 words, which is certainly a slightly daunting number.

But the Oxford English Dictionary estimates that an average vocabulary, containing all the words that we actively use in everyday life, is only 25,000 words (or rather word roots – in their definition ‘walk’ also includes ‘walking’, ‘walker’, ‘walked’ and so on).

And let’s face it, when did you last use ‘pantechnicon’, ‘exoskeleton’ or ‘fungible’. Last Tuesday? Well done. That must have been an amazing email to the accounts department.

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Know the rules. Then break them
There are also some simple rules to follow, most of which are common-sense grammar, and many of which are quite ignorable once you’ve got the hang of it. Never start a sentence with ‘and’ or ‘but’, for instance. And why not? No reason at all.

But structure is a very useful thing to bear in mind. Say what you have to say at the beginning; don’t bury the important point miles down. If you’ve got a lot of different points to make, break them up - maybe a list would be a good idea in that case. Keep it short and sum it up once more at the end.

Tone of voice is crucial too. Just tell the story, don’t try to ‘write’ it. Imagine you’re talking to somebody relevant – a client, a colleague, a friend – and write down what you’d say.

How should you sound if you’re writing for a business? If you’re an accountancy practice, maybe you’d better leave out the smileys, exclamation marks and LOLs. If your market is teenage girls, though, go right ahead. OMG!!!

There’s also a temptation, if you know a little about SEO, to hammer away at your keywords. Just don’t forget that although you want people to find it, you also want them to read it once they’re there. We’ve all read clunky bits of KEYWORDED copy that contains the same KEYWORDS with no recognition that KEYWORDING your KEYWORDS every second KEYWORD is going to irritate your readers so much that they immediately leave your page. SEO fail. Be smart.

Making it all clear
Clarity is all-important. Do you know exactly what you want to say before you start writing it down? If not, stop and have a think. Scribble some rough notes. Make a list.

If you think you’re losing your thread, take a step back and re-read what you’ve written so far. Have you wandered off the point? Go back to the spot where you took your detour and start again from there.

And always remember that simpler is better. Getting overly wordy, using complicated language for the sake of it, throwing in technical terms or showing off your flowery vocabulary won’t get you anywhere. Saying what you need simply and elegantly, though, will do the job perfectly. Get out of the way of the story.

So you’re not Hemingway
You may think that writing is a skill that only genius novelists and poets possess. You’re wrong. Almost anybody can write, and everybody can be taught to write well. Here’s a shameless plug for ourselves: Sticky Content runs a whole series of copywriting courses for different needs and in different formats. They cover, and expand on, all of the quick tips above (and below), and they’ll teach you the basics of great, effective, writing.

If you didn’t enjoy English Literature GCSE, relax – this isn’t it. This is all about getting your point across online, in writing, without stress or complications. It’s a skill you need to acquire, but it’s not in the same league as underwater unicycling or cordon bleu cooking; with a good trainer you can learn all you need very quickly.

Our must-read list
If you’re interested in writing for the web, whether it’s marketing copy, site content or longer copywriting, here are a few essential starting points, expertly curated by Sticky Content’s own Content Director, Dan Brotzel:

Writing to Sell by Andy Maslen

Content strategy
Content Strategy by Kristina Kalvorsen
Elements of Content Strategy by Erin KIssane

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Online expertise
Letting Go of the Words by Ginny Radish - a thorough overview of content best practice from a UX specialist
Econsultancy blog - a daily update on all things digital marketing, very educational and popular with our clients
Don't Make Me Think by Steve Krug - a great book about how people use websites and why they’re constructed the way they are.

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JonJon Yeung ()
Loves to blog about search marketing, exploring certain subjects in depth and preaching the importance of quality content. He regularly updates himself with the current trends, follow for more adventures.
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[News][Bigg Boss 8] : Gautam Gulati is the News Favourite!!

The sentiment is echoed by many of Karishma Tanna's friends like Sushant Digvikar and Diandra Soares

Full Story :

[News][Bigg Boss 8] : Gautam Gulati is the News Favourite!!

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Most popular contestant is now also a hero of Bigg Boss house!! So what he did was unexpected as per the other contestant of Bigg Boss 8

Full Story :

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How to get Bitcoins for FREE!! (Top BTC Sites)

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What is a Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a virtual money that uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks; managing transactions and the issuing of bitcoins is carried out collectively by the network. Bitcoin is open-source; its design is public, nobody owns or controls Bitcoin and everyone can take part. [Source :]

How to get Bitcoins for FREE!! (Top BTC Sites)

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To know more about bitcoin, Visit :

How to get FREE bitcoins :

You can get free bitcoins from many BTC site. So here i have listed some of the (100% Legit) BTC sites.

1) BitcoinGet :

How to get Bitcoins for FREE!! (Top BTC Sites)

BitcoinGet is a site where you will get free bitcoins by doing CrowdFlower jobs and watching videos.

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2) BitVisitor :

How to get Bitcoins for FREE!! (Top BTC Sites)

BitVisitor pays you to visit other website (Just simple and easy!!)

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3) BTCClicks :

How to get Bitcoins for FREE!! (Top BTC Sites)

BTCClicks pays you to click on ads (Surf Ads)

Join :

So these were the best BTC sites. You can start earning bitcoins by joining one from above OR by joining all.

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How to make Undetectable Phishing Page from SCRATCH {ReTute}

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Going Home: A film by Vikas Bahl feat. Alia Bhatt (Need To Watch)

A short film to show how safe cities actually should be for women (Must Watch)!!

Going Home: A film by Vikas Bahl feat. Alia Bhatt (Need To Watch)

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Can we give her the world that she believes exist? Can We?

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"I pledge to create a short film titled 'Going Home', in which we visualise a utopia for women, where, unlike today, mistrust and fear don’t dictate actions and decisions,” - Vikas Bahl

How to get Username and Password of most sites using Google

Note : This tutorial is for educational purpose only!

So here is a way through which you can get Username and Password of most of the sites on internet without using any software.

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How to get Username and Password of most sites using Google
Image Source :

What do you need?

1) Internet Connection

Steps :

1) Go to

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2) Search for : Url/Host: Login: Password: Computer: Date:2014 Ip:

How to get Username and Password of most sites using Google

So, if you want to see Usernames and Passwords of Facebook then you should type in like this :

Code : Url/Host: Login: Password: Computer: Date: Ip:

How to get Username and Password of most sites using Google

3) Done!!!

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Happy Hacking!!!

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Something Different (India) : Would You Marry Sunny Leone?

Wtf India (A popular Indian YouTube Channel) did a social experiment called "Would you marry Sunny Leone?" to find out what people think of the idea. So here are some of the responds by these guys!!

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Something Different : Would You Marry Sunny Leone?

So here are the variety of responses from the crowd when they were asked if they would marry Sunny Leone?? :

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So, what is your response?? You can comment us below.

Video Source : []

All About : Motorola Nexus 6 (Official)

According to the source Google has now created a handset which is not only goes head to head with Apple's iPhone 6 Plus but also to the Samsung Galaxy Note Range

Source : []

Motorola Nexus 6 is Official!!

Its a bigger phone, So there is lot more to explore.

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Pricing :

According to the sources the price of Nexus 6 has been leaked by German retailers, According to German retailers The Motorola Nexus 6 will be start at EUR 569 (Rs. 44,000) for 32 GB and EUR 649 (Rs. 50,300) for 64 GB

Specs :

OS :
Android™ 5.0, ®

Screen :
5.96” 2560x1440 QHD AMOLED display (493 ppi)
16:9 aspect ratio
Gorilla Glass 3

Rear Camera :
13MP with optical image stabilization
Dual LED ring flash
f/2.0 aperture
4K video capture at 30fps

Front Camera :
HD Video Conferencing

Size :
82.98mm x 159.26mm x 10.06mm

Weight :

Color :
Midnight Blue, Cloud White

Network :
North America:
GSM: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
CDMA Band Class: 0/1/10
WCDMA Bands: 1/2/4/5/8
LTE Bands: 2/3/4/5/7/12/13/17/25/26/29/41
CA DL Bands: B2-B13, B2-B17, B2-29, B4-B5, B4-B13, B4-B17, B4-B29

Rest of World:
GSM: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
CDMA: not supported
WCDMA Bands: 1/2/4/5/6/8/9/19
LTE Bands: 1/3/5/7/8/9/19/20/28/41
CA DL: B3-B5, B3-B8

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Audio Output :
Dual front-facing speakers

Quad core Krait 450 CPU 2.7GHz (Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 SOC)

Adreno 420

Wireless :
802.11ac 2x2 (MIMO)
Bluetooth 4.1

Memory :
32GB & 64GB

Ports :
Micro USB 2.0
Nano SIM
3.5mm audio

Sensors :
Ambient light sensor

Standby time (Ambient Display on ) up to 250 hours
Standby time (Ambient Display off) up to 330 hours
Internet use time (Wi-Fi) up to 9.5 hours
Internet use time (LTE) up to 10 hours
Talk time up to 24 hours
Video playback up to 10 hours

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Official Site :

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