How to Block Candy Crush request on Facebook

If you are tired of these "Candy Crush" requests then there is a good news for you, You can block these requests / notifications from Facebook!

Candy Crush Meme

Steps :

Method 1 :

1) Click on the "Down-Arrow" button on Facebook

2) Click on "Settings"


3) Select "Blocking" tab


OR click on this link :

4) Look for the "Block Apps" section

5) Now type-in "Candy Crush Saga"

Block Apps

6) Press "Enter"

7) Now click on the "Notification" icon

8) Now select the "Candy Crush" notification and click the "X" icon

9) Click on "Turn off" button

Turn It Off

10) Done!

Congratulations! The notifications from the addictive hit game by "Candy Crush Saga" have been blocked.

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